Our Support Page is your 24/7 resource for technical support for a variety of our products and services. If you need further assistance please contact us at (507) 288-1177.

Drive Thru Systems

3M Phone Support

For technical support on your 3M Drive Thru Systems please contact 3M prior to calling our office for service. 3M would like to troubleshoot all calls first.

XT-1 Daylight Savings Time Instructions

  • Log into base station  (Press & Hold Mode-Key, 1,2,3,4, Release Mode-Key)
  • At the USER-MODE ID=1 prompt, Press: MODE (3-times) to get to the SYSTEM MENU
  • Cursor down to TIME & DATE option
  • Press ENTER and then the down-arrow  to roll back the time by one hour in the fall.
  • Press ENTER and then the up-arrow  to advance the time by one hour in the spring.
  • Press ENTER again to lock in the change
  • Press MODE (3-times) to revert to the RUN screen

Nurse Call

  • Stanley Any Call & Roam Alert (866) 559-6275